Coaching is really easy (according to parents)!

So I’ve received a few comments from a set of parents whose two kids play on my U12 team. They were expressing the concern that their kids were getting frustrated at how things were going. They keep imploring me to work more on “teamwork”… to help the rest of the lugs keep up with their talented progeny. Now bear in mind that we’ve scored 16 goals in 6 games – not amazing but fairly decent – and that 14 of those 16 goals were true team goals (13 assisted and 1 the rebound of a shot that developed from a nice combination play). Still, I know at least one of them stays and watches most of the practices and I’m left to wonder if they actually watch. I work on aspects of “teamwork” every practice. Not to the extent I work on technical development – it’s U12 after all – but a fair bit. The team I have is very young and inexperienced. Tactical training is largely pointless is players can’t properly make or receive a 10 yard pass.

Anyways, one of the parents was explaining her kids’ frustration. She’s not criticizing my coaching style, she insisted (a stone called guarantee that she was going to do just that) but… for example, one practice we spent part of it emphasizing getting the ball wide and the next game, we did that and no goals resulted. 

Wait so you work on something in practice once for 20 minutes, and the 10-12 year olds absorb it immediately and implement perfectly… that’s how it always works? That this wasn’t the result must mean I’m a bad coach, right? 

All these years, I’ve assumed learning was based on repetition over time. Who knew that had nothing to do with it!


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