Doing no favors

At one of my U12 games this spring, one of the other team’s parents was bellowing loudly (that’s the only adverb I choose to use) the entire game. I heard him loud and clear the whole game, which I rarely do of the spectators on the other sideline.

A couple of my kids expressed relief that it wasn’t their dad. Another of them said he hoped the guy would keep doing it. Puzzled, I asked why. He said it was good because the dad was distracting the other team’s players.


Dear sports parents…

Dear sports parents,

If you care more about the standings than your child player, there’s a problem.

And that problem is you.

Please relax. For your kid’s sake.

What makes a great sports parent… and an awful one

Yahoo Sports had a great article entitled: What Makes A Nightmare Sports Parent — And What Makes A Great One. Surveyers asked hundreds of college athletes for their memories and what were their overwhelming responses?

Their best memory was of their parents simply saying, “I love to watch you play.”

Their worst: the ride home.

In other words, parents shouldn’t be sniping at or second-guessing or lecturing their son or daughter on the way home after a game. Give them time to decompress after a hard-fought contest.